Zte Frp Bypass Apk [Remove Frp Easily]

Hi guys myself asif ali parvez and and i am here with a brand new article and in this article i am gonna share a frp bypass application that help you to bypass frp lock from zte phones. the app name is Zte Frp Bypass apk also known as a zte google account bypass apk. this support this app also support new version of zte phones [7.0 Nougat]. lets get into it.

Zte Frp Bypass Apk

Is this app comfortable with new version of zte phone [7.0]

yes this app is 100 comfortable with new version of zte phone [7.0 Nogat] . i used this app on zte phone nogat version and guess what i successfully removed the frp lock from my phone. and and you to. and also this app work perfectly older version of zte phone. if want know how to bypass google account verification using zte frp bypass application then you follow the guide given below.

Zte Frp Bypass Apk

Name: Zte Frp Bypass
File Name: Zte Frp Bypass.apk
File Size: 100.kb
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How to to bypass frp lock from zte phone [7.0] [Full Guide]

File Needed 


  • Zte frp bypass apk
  • Internet [wifi]

Now Lets Get Started

First thing you need is connect to any wifi in wifi screen

now go to “Enter Gmail” google will ask you enter your gmail

click on text box now your keyboard  will appear

long press on “@” option> setting then>google keyword settings

now go text correction option> then personal dictionary

now click on English [untied states] option then> click on “+” plus icon on top right corner

fill the “type a word” text box and shortcut text box with any word

then save the text and then  type “google keyboard” on search box now select the google keyboard option.

go to text to speech input> setting icon> then> install voice data>click on 3 dot on top right corner>  close the 3 dot option> then again click on 3 dot now you will a new call “open sources

click on open sources>  long press on any text then click on search icon

after clicking on search box you will get pop up to choose the browser select google browser.

now type chrome on google open it. then> finish the chrome setup

now type Zte Frp Bypass apk techhackclub.com on google now you will see my article open my article and then download the zte frp bypass apk

now go back to google browser then serach “download” now click on download manger then> install the zte frp bypass apk then> open the app

click on “google account login” click on 3 dot top right corner then click on browser sign in now any gmail and also the password.

after signing any gmail then close all apps that you opened go back to welcome screen and finish the setup tour but don’t worry this time it will not ask you enter your gmail

well here it is you successfully removed frp lock from your phone

Note: i hope you successfully removed factory reset protection from your phone i tested this method on new and old version of zte phone
Conclusion: in this article i shared a awesome frp app that help you to remove frp lock from your phone app call “Zte Frp Bypass apk” and i also talk about How to bypass frp lock from zte phones.

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